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From our online contributors:

Megan at suggested Flood Safety Guide.

A hard-working intern at a library in Maine found this link Homeowners Who Home School: Guidance & Support for us! Thank you very much.

Ms. Christine Barton's Westwood Youth Group in Texas found Road Trip Geography for Kids helpful in their fun group projects!

Thank you to Amy in Ms. Ward's class in Delaware for the following link: Homework Desk: Study Guides

Thank you to Danielle at for the following link: Tungsten Resources: A Kid's Guide to Volcanoes

We got the following links thanks to Mrs. Fowler's 2011-2012 fourth grade class:


Our Links:

AML Recommended Mensa For Kids    Need to Find Something? Try WikiPedia!

Astronomy! NASA Kid's Club    What does that word mean? Try Wiktionary!

Volcanoes from I need math help! Try

Prehistory: Dinosaurs to Cavement from the BBC Virtual Earthquake! Analyze an earthquake by its sesmich waves.

From NOAA kids learn about the Earth has Games for Kids.

Place the states USA Geography Quiz How Stuff Works


Other Links:

Imagination Story

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